True Candid Weddings

To some degree all wedding photographers can call themselves “documentary” wedding photographers as they are there to photograph and thereby document the wedding.  However not all photographers truly have a candid style.  Merriam-Webster provides the following definition: 



a.Marked by honest, sincere expression 

b.Relating to photography of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed 


Accordingly, if a photographer takes control of the moment, tells people to smile, look up, pretend to put on make-up, dress, or accessories, or stage any moment then the images lack a true (honest and sincere) candid moment. 


Why a photojournalistic approach? 


Your wedding will be one of, if not, the biggest celebration of your life. You need to step back and enjoy it!  You should be living in the moment not having it staged for you. 


Your wedding is a special day, a story that deserves to be told.  As a photojournalist capturing your story, I strive to create wedding images that will not just tell that story but also provide a tangible reminder of the emotions and events as they truly happened.  I will not move, pose or prompt you, the bridal party or your guests in any way. 


Although I aim for a candid approach, I understand and appreciate that most weddings require a certain amount of the traditional, formal portraits (bride and groom, family, other group shots).  I encourage keeping the number of shots limited and with the assistance of a designated member of your choosing, we can capture these quickly and professionally.  I shoot with high-end digital equipment and use flash sparingly (and when necessary) to preserve the ambient light and scenes as they are. Post-processing includes, color correction, cropping and adaptation to my film style look.